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Body Contouring

Body Contouring & FAT MELTING (HIFEM)

Achieving and maintaining a recommended weight through body contouring is essential, fostering overall health, confidence, and long-term well-being. Revolutionary, non invasive, body sculpting. work and tone muscles & loose Fat.

THIS MACHINE USES high-intensity electromagnetic pulses to STIMULATE muscular contractions. To the equivalent OF 20,000 CONTRACTIONS in 30 minutes.

These CONTRACTIONS strengthen muscle fibers in a previously impossible amount of time. 

Fat loss is actually just a welcome (and proven) side effect. WITH UP TO 19% LOSS PER COURSE OF 8 SESSIONS. So, the best in Luton! Can be used on most parts of the body to tone and strengthen muscle groups. 

Body Contouring

Embarking on a transformative body contouring journey can sculpt your physique with precision and expertise, aligning with your aesthetic goals. Our seasoned professionals at Aesthetics Central employ scientifically-backed methods, emphasizing safety and efficacy, ensuring a harmonious silhouette. We target delicate areas like the abdomen, thighs, or arms effectively, promoting confidence and vitality.

Transitioning towards your desired body shape involves a tailored approach. As we gently address excess fat, we refine the contours of your body. Maintaining a recommended weight is crucial, complementing a healthy lifestyle for enhanced well-being. This service with us reflects a harmonious fusion of science and artistry, sculpting your contours for a seamless, natural outcome.

At Aesthetics Central, we prioritize your unique aspirations, offering a bespoke experience in personalized body contouring. Witness the evolution of your body with meticulous attention to detail, embracing the journey to a revitalized, sculpted you. Elevate your confidence and experience the transformative power of body contouring at Aesthetics Central.


A course of 8 sessions done twice a week is recommended for initial Muscle training



30 min session


Course of 8 sessions (paid upfront)

(SAVE £80)

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