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O SHOT treatment has already gained much popularity around the world.

COST: £300.00 (per session)

We are therefore very proud to be one of the select few clinics in the UK currently offering this procedure, O Shot Treatment.

At Aesthetics Central this advanced procedure is performed by our Senior Practioner Monica, an experienced delivery suite Midwife of 20 plus years who is well practiced in working with this female intimate area.

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The O Shot: Enhancing Intimacy, Simply

When it comes to feeling closer and more comfortable in your intimate life, the O-Shot treatment is a game-changer. If you’re on the lookout for a way to make your sexual experiences better and address common issues, the O-Shot might be just what you need.

What is the O-Shot?
The O-Shot, or Orgasm Shot, is a simple, non-surgical procedure designed to help women have better and more enjoyable sex. Here’s how it works: First, a small amount of your blood is taken, then the good stuff is extracted – it’s called platelet-rich plasma (PRP). After that, this PRP, which is full of helpful growth factors, is carefully injected into specific areas of your vaginal tissue.

What Can the O-Shot Do for You?

  1. Heighten Sensitivity: The O-Shot, with its PRP, can make your intimate areas more sensitive. This means more pleasure during sex.
  2. Better Orgasms: Many women say they have more intense and enjoyable orgasms after getting the O-Shot. That means a happier sex life!
  3. Solve Common Problems: If you’re dealing with issues like peeing when you don’t want to or having a dry vagina, the O-Shot might help. It helps your body heal itself and increases blood flow, which can fix these problems.
  4. Quick and Easy: Unlike surgery, the O-Shot is super simple and doesn’t take much time. You can get it done at your healthcare provider’s office, and there’s no need for a long recovery.

The O-Shot treatment can make your intimate life better. It can make you more sensitive, give you better orgasms, and help with common problems, all without surgery. If you’re thinking about trying it, have a chat with your doctor. They can help you decide if this treatment is right for you. Make your intimate life even more exciting with the O-Shot.

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